In Korea, you can always  get a wide variety of Korean food delivered right to your doorstep - some even 24hrs! Sometimes, this can depend on what kind of food you are craving, where you live and how much Korean you can speak and understand. Overall, food delivery is an awesome perk of living in Korea...and it just got even better!

Now, several popular restaurants in mostly Itaewon, Kyunglidan and Haebangchon (HBC), have partnered up with a couple of bilingual delivery services to deliver food from top international restaurants to nearby areas for a small delivery fee. There are some Korean restaurants also available with English menus to order from.

There are two companies that are offering this service. Both offer deliveries from similar areas, but the restaurant partnerships are different so look at both websites for different restaurant choices! You can even order from sending a Kakao text and pay with a card at your door!

Includes new and hot restaurants like: Linus BBQ, Vatos, Casablanca's Moroccan Sandwiches, Left Coast, Craftworks and even Jaws and Kimbap Heaven for Korean options in English! 


2. Bird Riders

Includes other popular restaurants like: Route 66, Scout, The Bakers Table, Maloney's Pub & Grill and more!

Save time, cab-fare or parking fees from going to pick-up food and get more international varieties of food delivered right to your doorstep! Cities like NYC and HK are all over this type of delivery service already, but now Seoul is on board too! Check out both sites for their restaurant options, delivery zones and fees! I just got an order on a rainy evening of mexican food from Vatos, from an English speaking Korean ajushee, in less than 30minutes! Amazing!!!